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About Suzi

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

 I couldn't have imagined that while walking into a field of purple and yellow wildflowers on an early August morning I would encounter the sight of a dew drop-covered spider's web backlit by the rising sun.  Or that I would come across a colorful, Disney-cartoonesque mushroom while walking along a river's edge. Or capture photographs of a very pollen-covered bumble bee exiting a Rose-of-Sharon flower.  I've spent countless hours capturing the comical smiles and the delicate dance of dragonflies as they hover over a pond in summer.  


In my photographs,  I aim to bring into focus the detailed features of nature’s subjects: details and compositions that people might not typically stop and notice.  The giant, puffy snowflakes that float down around us during a squall, when deconstructed by a camera lens, are actually an aggregation of exquisite ice crystals.  Whether photographing a hummingbird as it darts in and out of a hibiscus flower, a bee pollinating a dandelion in our back yard, or a deer soaring above the grasses in a field, I love the thrill.  Regular-old nature can be beautiful, sometimes humorous, and often spectacular.

 - Suzi          

Awards and Exhibits

I have exhibited at the Needham, Massachusetts Public Library.

My photograph of the Massachusetts State Bird was selected for the cover of the Needham, Massachusetts phone book.

My photograph images in the annual Oldtown Calendar Competition have been winners each year since 2015.

This year, 2021 my photograph 'Mallard on Fiery Pond' was voted 'Best in Show' in the Oldtown Calendar Competition.

My photographs were selected to be showcased in a future project sponsored by the Needham Revitalization Trust Fund Committee 

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